xFold™ Cinema

Multiple payloads, Indusrtrial applications

  • Under 55lb
  • 40 minutes flight time
  • Industrial / Military grade
  • Mapping and Inspection
  • Platform + Payload Customization
  • Easy to transport and deploy within minutes

xFold™ Cinema tower inspection

xFold™ Cinema designed for Industrial applications

Our Cinema comes in 3 different configurations:

xFold™ Cinema x4 (4 motors), xFold™ Cinema x6 (6 motors), xFold™ Cinema x8 (8 motors)

All our drones are fully customized for different applications and payload requirements.

xFold™ Cinema basic setup dimentions
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Cinema x8 No Payload 40 min. flight time, under 55lb Cinema x8 5lbs 30 min. flight time, under 55lb Cinema x8 10lbs 25 min. flight time, under 55lb