xFold™ DragonH - Heavy lift Drone

Real Heavy Payload Lifter

  • 100lb to 1000lb payload
  • Cargo delivery
  • Search & Rescue
  • Construction & crane work
  • Platform + Payload Customization
  • Easy to transport and deploy within minutes

xFold™ DragonH100 and H500, battery and hybrid powered

xFold™ DragonH are designed for extremely heavy payloads

Our 'H' series comes in 4 different configurations:

xFold™ DragonH100 (100lb load), xFold™ DragonH300 (300lb load), xFold™ DragonH500 (500lb load), and xFold™ DragonH1000 (1000lb load)

All our drones are fully customized for different applications and payload requirements.

xFold™ DragonH500 basic setup dimentions
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