Research & Development Center

Pushing the limits of Innovation

  • Longer flight time
  • Heavier Payloads
  • xNav - Smart AI Navigation Software
  • Platform + Payload Customization

xFold™ Platforms and Research center

Our xFold™ drones comes with a different payload options, covering a wide variety of applications. A fully customized payload is available on request.
The design of the xFold™ drone concept is a result of a combination of over 15 years of ‘in the field’ experience, technology, and innovation, making it the perfect combination between balance, weight, power, and efficiency. The main idea behind the frame is to have the option to use the same frame for different applications, payload, and weather.
xFold™ Platforms

Designed and Manufactured in the USA, the xFold™ line of UAV's are available in five carbon fiber-bodied models:

xFold™ SPY, Travel, Cinema, Dragon, and DragonH

Each of which can be operated in its base quadcopter (x4) form, or with six (x6), eight (x8) or even twelve (x12) motor/propeller units. Additionally, the booms fold to simplify for transport and storage.